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Arctic Quest

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.4
  • PowerPC/Intel 800Mhz or above
  • Video 32Mb

  • [ Download 13Mb ]

    [ Unlock full version, $19.95 ]

    Arctic Quest for Mac

    Arctic Quest for Mac is an absorbing inlay puzzle where you have to liberate tropical islands from the rule of the cunning Snow King. The Snow King has cast a mighty spell that fettered all the tropical islands across the Earth and covered them with solid ice. To make sure no hero will withstand the force of his magic, he created 60 ingenious conundrums protecting the way to his ice palace where you can break the spell. Melt the ice and foil the plans of the Snow King!

    Arctic Quest lets you immerse yourself into a great adventure right away as it shines with a beautiful hand-drawn graphics and superb animation so you will never get tired of admiring it. Simple mouse-based controls are conducive for serene pastime and a diverse system of bonuses will prolong your delight from a fascinating puzzle-solving entertainment.

    The gameplay principle is simple, yet captivating. To bring back the warmth of each island, you need to grab small pieces of the ice falling from the sky, rotate and place them on the grid whose form reminds of some tropical marvel. Filling in the grid will bring back the warmth to an island, but if too many ice pieces fall into the surrounding water, you will fail and the Snow King will succeed in expanding his kingdom beyond the North Pole. Fortunately you can melt some of the excessive ice using an island's bonfire and a variety of bonuses will help you to solve the challenging puzzles, for example by giving you enough strength to break the surplus of ice or the ability to paint in portions of the grid.

    Arctic Quest for Mac excels with superb visuals, which in combination with a convenient mouse control and a great number of absorbing puzzles, make it a perfect entertainment for any Mac user.

    Arctic Quest features:

    - 60 enjoyable levels,
    - Six valuable bonuses,
    - Simple mouse-based controls,
    - Beautiful hand-drawn graphics,
    - User profiles system,
    - A final duel with the Snow King!

    Trial version is limited with 1 hour of play.

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